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Experience the Best Life Has to Offer with Bentley Rentals in Dubai

Everyone has aspirations for the finest experiences life can offer. For some, it may be a waterfront home; for others, the allure lies in driving a luxurious car. You can turn the latter dream into a reality with a Bentley rental! Immerse yourself in the style and sophistication that only a Bentley can offer—be it for attending a grand event, enjoying a romantic outing, or going on an unforgettable journey with friends. Dubai is a city of limitless possibilities, making it the perfect backdrop for fulfilling your aspirations.

We go beyond simply offering Bentley rentals; our services encompass airport transfers, chauffeured drives, VIP Security and exclusive photo shoots, among others. Our extensive garage of cars can be delivered to your desired location, ensuring you experience the luxury and elevated status of our exceptional vehicles at reasonable prices.

The Prestigious Bentley Brand

For many vacationers, the appeal of an exotic rental, whether a high-speed sports car or a spacious SUV, is irresistible. Bentley, a British automaker founded in 1998, epitomizes luxury, safety, and elegance. The brand has consistently produced awe-inspiring executive cars and has expanded its lineup to include diverse models that suit various terrains. With a Bentley, you can be assured of capturing attention wherever you go.

Each model is a masterpiece of design, combining dynamism, power, and perfection. If you appreciate what these remarkable cars offer, you’ll love the range in our fleet.

Renting a Bentley in Dubai

Interested in diving into a world of luxury and comfort? Why not rent a Bentley in Dubai through us? We offer a variety of modern business and premium cars, with or without chauffeur services.

Rental Pricing for Bentley in Dubai

Our daily rental rates start at $750, with weekly rates beginning at $5,000.

A Bentley can be your go-to choice for various occasions:

  • Airport transfers
  • Special events and celebrations
  • Business meetings
  • City tours

To secure your rental, choose your preferred date and get in touch with our team via the contact information on our website. We will assist you in selecting the ideal model, calculating the rental cost, and setting the time and place for delivery. Our service assures complete security and comfort throughout your experience.

Quality Rental at Reasonable Prices

No need to purchase a Bentley to experience the high life—rent one from us for a day, a week, or even a year. Our customer-centric approach guarantees that all your specific needs will be met. This commitment to quality is supported by numerous positive testimonials from repeat customers.

Contact us to book your luxurious ride, and we’ll have it ready for you in just 1-2 hours. While our prices are already competitive, we often have special promotions and offers to make your experience even more rewarding.

Reasons to Choose Bentley Rental in Dubai, UAE

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, especially when it comes to luxury automobiles, Bentley rental through Pugachev Rent Service in Dubai is the ideal choice. We uphold all contractual terms with our clients and offer the flexibility to add extra provisions as required. Every vehicle in our fleet undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure it meets all technical specifications before it is delivered to you.

Bentley’s legacy began in horse stables in London, where the first prototypes were conceived. Today, this brand stands as a leading manufacturer of elite and uniquely advanced supercars. With a range of options to suit varied preferences, you’re sure to find a Bentley that captivates your imagination.

Rental Costs for a Bentley

Our daily rental rates for Bentley start at $750.

Key Features That Make Bentley a Top Choice

Clients gravitate towards Bentley for several compelling reasons:

  • Stunning, one-of-a-kind design
  • Powerful engines
  • Automatic dual-clutch transmission
  • Pre-set exterior lighting sequences
  • Opulent, handcrafted interior finishes

All these elements come together to make Bentley a pinnacle of both comfort and speed, embodying the perfect synthesis of driving pleasure. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary driving experience, available through our luxury car rental services in Dubai.

Most Sought-After Bentley Models for Rental

Bentley Bentayga is a hot favorite among renters, especially in resort cities like Dubai. This state-of-the-art model features leather upholstery with diamond quilting, offering a Hollywood-esque luxury driving experience.

Another gem in the Bentley portfolio is the family-friendly Bentley Continental GT. It’s the perfect car for a vacation that demands nothing less than lavish comfort. Reach out to us for more details on this and other models you may be interested in.

If you aim to make a grand impression today, Bentley GTC Mulliner is your go-to vehicle. Elegant and powerful, this car offers a range of premium features, both inside and out. We offer this spectacular car at a rental price of $899 per day for 100 miles, with each additional mile costing $3. The market value of this vehicle is $350,000.

For those who prefer the open air, consider the Bentley GTC V8S convertible. This model combines powerful performance with stunning aesthetics. Rent this luxury car for just $600 a day, as opposed to buying it for its market value of $192,000.

Book your choice of Bentley today and relish all the perks that come with driving such an illustrious vehicle.

Photoshoot with Bentley in Dubai

In an age where everyone is in pursuit of capturing memorable moments, why not elevate your photo game by featuring a luxurious Bentley in your shots? These vehicles are the epitome of opulence and grace, ensuring your pictures stand out. Whether you’re planning a special event, shooting an advertising campaign, or making a music video, Bentley adds an element of class that is hard to replicate.

What We Offer:

  • Variety of car models to choose from
  • Flexible hourly or daily rental rates
  • Chauffeur services
  • Competitive pricing

Fulfill your dream of capturing lavish photographs and make a statement that sets you apart. Let us assist you in creating unforgettable moments that you can cherish forever.

Consult our professional photographers to enhance your shoot with stunning backdrops from unique locations around Dubai. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or would like expert advice, we aim to deliver top-notch printed and digital photos that exceed your expectations.

Additional Dubai Car Rental Options

For those looking to experience a novel sensation, we highly recommend trying out the Bentley Bentayga or Bentley GTC V8S models. Our extensive fleet offers a plethora of other attractive vehicles to suit your taste. Enjoy a full range of exceptional services with our exotic car rentals in Dubai.

The Legacy of Bentley Cars

Bentley’s origins can be traced back to horse stables in London, where the first prototypes were made. Since its inception in 1998, the brand has been synonymous with luxury, safety, and style. Each Bentley model is a true masterpiece, captivating both the eye and the imagination.

The Bentley brand has been a frontrunner in the Gran Turismo class of the automotive industry and is now under the ownership of Volkswagen. Known for its unique blend of dynamism and opulence, Bentley remains a defining standard of luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship.

These cars are a reflection of their owners – individuals who have a penchant for luxury and appreciate the value of a high-quality, premium vehicle. The brand was initially founded by engineer Walter Owen Bentley, who believed that cars should be built for racing. This philosophy contributed to the brand’s fame and success. Bentley later became a part of the Rolls-Royce conglomerate in the 1930s, gaining even more respect and stability in the automotive world.

To this day, Bentley cars are seen as icons of elegance and flawless style, turning heads wherever they go.

The Price for the Model Range of Supercars Bentley

We offer an impressive selection of Bentley models for rent:

  • Bentley GTC Mulliner: This luxurious sedan comes equipped with an array of features for your convenience, including a voice assistant, 360-degree visibility system, cruise control, and heads-up display. The car is valued at $350,000.
  • Bentley Continental GTC: Renowned as a top-tier Gran Turismo class vehicle, its cabin boasts a contemporary and stylish design. The car is priced at $220,000.
  • Bentley GT Convertible V8S: This elegant vehicle is fitted with a sumptuous leather interior and a retractable roof, adding a unique character to the car. It is priced at $192,000.
  • Bentley Bentayga: This premium model offers a smooth ride thanks to its adaptive suspension and a powerful engine that accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. The driver’s seat is laden with features for your comfort. The cost to rent this car in Dubai is $750 per day.

Elevate your experience in Dubai, whether it’s a business trip or a luxurious holiday, by renting a Bentley and indulging your desires.

Additional Exotic Cars Available for Rent:

  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder: This dynamic vehicle features an electronic drive system and enhanced suspension for an exhilarating driving experience.
  • Rolls Royce Ghost: A pinnacle of luxury, this car is famous for its exclusive “starlight” ceiling and handcrafted interior, promising to meet all your comfort and convenience needs.
  • Ferrari 458 Spyder Red: With its 7-speed transmission and V8 engine, this car’s ultra-lightweight materials promise a thrilling ride at incredible speeds.

Our extensive fleet of supercars ensures you’ll find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Fulfill your dream by renting an exotic car in Dubai at affordable prices. Our specialists are here to assist you in selecting the ideal car, ensuring you’ll be entirely satisfied with your choice for your Dubai adventure.

Book with us for comprehensive, quality services. We offer airport pick-up and delivery to your preferred location. You can also hire a professional photographer to capture memorable moments with our high-end cars or SUVs. If you prefer a more laid-back experience, opt for our personal chauffeur service and enjoy the breathtaking sights of Dubai while we take care of the driving. Our main goal is to offer you top-tier vehicles with unparalleled safety features for a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.

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